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Our offered Product range includes Switchable transparent film, Round Cylindrical Transparent LED Screen, Led Flexible Film Display, LED Transparent Acrylic Screen and outdoor led screens.

Switchable transparent film

We are offering switchable transparent film. #giant supplier offers lc switchable film (opaque to transparent clear) screen for advertising, high impact decoration for theatre & opera, tv events, exhibitions, instant privacy for hotels, offices, shopping malls, banks, fashion shows, car shows, architectural spaces #gs-lcp-2 lc privacy film (switchable: opaque to clear at 40-75v ac & for projection), self-adhesive to glass ~power (on) 64% 130deg, light weight 1kgm2, sheets upto: 3m*1.2m * 0.6mm thick ~we offer very competitive prices #giant supplier ltd provided privacy switchable lc film (opaque to transparent) screen and for projection as theatre stage decoration at "volpone", at the rsc royal shakespeare company theatre in stratford upon avon, u.k. (july-sept, 2015)

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Round Cylindrical Transparent LED Screen

Giant Supplier provides LED ROUND CYLINDRICAL TRANSPARENT LED SCREEN with inside SHOWCASE and LIGHT BOX FOR POSTER for sale & hire for Promotion, Exhibition, Shopping Mall, Airport, Shop, Hotel, Night-Club #P2mm ROUND 360deg LED TRANSPARENT SCREEN with SHOWCASE and LIGHT BOX for indoor video promotions: #ROUND CYLINDRICAL UNIT 0.63m(dia)*1.94m * 113kg (display 0.63m(dia)*0.55m with inside showcase 0.44m(dia)*57cm), #in the bottom: Light box for 2 posters 0.91*0.9m with LED backlight, with wheels, #HDMI 720p@60Hz video input, plug & play, media player (Android or Windows), BOSE audio system, bluetooth, GPRS (option), remote content management, 24bit colour depth, indoor brightness 1, 500nit, quiet #Showcase for products inside the transparent LED screen, for promotional VIDEO & IMAGE advertisement & information to appear around product #360deg Round cylindrical LED transparent Screen (0.63m(dia)*0.55m(h) with showcase and light box (total 0.63m(dia)*1.94m(h)

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Led Flexible Film Display

We are offering led flexible film display. Giant supplier provides p3.25 led flexible film display, ultra-light (0.05kg), ultra-thin (1mm), for promotion, advertising and information, message, display of machinery control, human led costume, etc #p3.25mm high brightness red smd leds, 160160deg view angle #flexible film display 27mm * 296mm (7 pixels x 80 pixels = 560 pixels) * 1mm (thickness) #stores upto 120characters, horizontal vertical power off on automatically, remote keypad control, power 5v100ma pitch: 3.25mm led: high brightness red smd leds, 160160deg view angle film display size: 27mm * 296mm resolution: 7 pixels x 80 pixels = 560 pixels characters: stores upto 120 characters, special function: horizontal vertical power off on automatically communication: remote keypad power consumption: 5v100ma

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LED Transparent Acrylic Screen

We are offering led transparent acrylic screen. Giant supplier provides led transparent acrylic screen for glass for sale & hire for exhibition, airport, shop window, hotel, shopping mall, night-club or transparent glass building # p5mm 8mm led transparent acrylic glass screen for indoor outdoor video promotions: #“smart phone shape” unit 0.968m*1.45m * 18kg (display 0.96m*1.28m), for easy hanging: vertical or horizontal *adjustable high brightness >6000cdm2 daylight visible for outdoor windows, ip54, quiet #bright promotional video advertisement & information appear in the middle of transparent led screen, when observed from outside from front of display. ~ >75% transparency (leds inside the clear acrylic panel) allows outside light to the building and good view from back of screen (and from the front without video)

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outdoor led screens

Giant supplier provides indoor & outdoor led screens hire & sale for exhibitions, events, conferences, theatre & opera play, tv events, hotels, shopping malls, fashion shows, car shows, architectural spaces # led displays screens for indoor & outdoor (flat or curved) for video and images: # for indoor (2000nit) p3.6mm, p4.5mm, p7.2mm, p10.28mm, # for indoor & outdoor (5000-6000nit daylight visible) p5.14mm, p6mm, p7.2mm, p9mm ~ lightweight cabinets (576*576mm * 12kgpanel), silent - no fans, easy & fast to install, modular design for required size ~ high refresh 3, 000hz for quality flicker-free video, 16bit processing for colour depth, black face for high contrast, ~ 1920*1080 hd processing, via hdmi, hd-sdi, vga video, also 2k & 4k, ~ we offer very competitive prices.

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