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Sony Ericsson DCU-11 data cable (DCU-11)

Sony Ericsson DCU-11 data cable (DCU-11)

USD 75 / Piece(s) ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 50 Piece(s)

Free UK Delivery

Suitable for most models including: F500i J300 J300i K300i K500i K508 K508i K608i K600i K700i P800 P900 P910i S700i S710 S710a T20 T200 T28 T290i T230 T300 T310 T39 T600 T610 T616 T618 T628 T630 T65 T68 T68i V600I V800 Z1010 Z500 Z600 Z610i Z800i A2618 A2638 K700i R320 S700 T28 T39 T65 T68 T68i T320 T310 T610 T630 Z600

K300 K500 K700 S700 T230 T290 T300 T610 T630 T68 Z600 Z1010

High data transfer speed, makes this USB cable a perfect tool for moving data between your phone and a PC, e.g. when synchronising your phone book and calendar.

If your phone has a built-in modem, you can use the cable to connect to the Internet via your mobile phone, making Web and e-mail access possible from virtually any location.

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