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Our Complete range of products are infrared ovens, Elastic, traction devices, Zips and Convection Ovens.

orthopaedic materials

We are offers orthopaedic materials like metal items, cotton webbing, nylon webbing, fastenings and components, heavy duty elastic and more.

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We offer good high quality elastics for reinforcement and orthopaedic strapping.

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We offer Zips. The zips listed are closed ended, meaning the zip contains a bottom stop that prevents the zip from being separated.

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Safety Equipment

We are offers safety equipment such as kevlar gloves, chemical resistant rubber gloves, ear defenders, safety glasses etc.

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Powdered Latex Gloves

powdered latex gloves - offering protection from dirt and contamination, simply use and throw away.

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Hand tools

We are offers hand tools like knives, clicker blades, needles & awls etc.

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acrylic resins

We offer acrylic resins. Highest quality prosthesis lay-up resins. Plastic, acrylic and carbon available.

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pva bags

We are offers pva bags with strong, narrow seam ensures top quality cosmetic results.

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footwear materials

We are offers Footwear Materials like Adhesives & Bonding, Cords & Threads, Leatherboard, Footwear Additions etc.

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Aortha Plastics

We offer Aortha Plastics. Aortha plastics are designed for use in Orthotic and Prosthetic appliance manufacture.

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Fume Extraction Devices

We offer fume extraction devices. Fume extraction systems to remove adhesive and other toxic fumes from the work area.

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infrared ovens

We are providing Infrared Ovens. Heat the material directly instead of the air for enhanced prooductivity in less time.

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traction devices

We offer traction devices to help prevent slips and falls on snow or icy surfaces.

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Convection Ovens

We are offering convection ovens - great range of ovens for orthopaedic manufacture and modification.

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Professional routers for use in orthotics and prosthetic labs and workshops.

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Aortha Leather

Aortha Leather - Leather has numerous Orthotic applications including cosmetic linings or as an actual functional orthotic component.

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Balance Therapy

Using the Physioworx balance aids will help improve balance and strengthen muscles.

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Acupuncture Needles

We are offers Acupuncture Needles like Sterile Acupuncture Needles with Guide Tube & Classic Jade Acupuncture Needles etc.

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Anatomical Models

We offer anatomical models. Huge range of anatomical models to aid in the education of the body and it's parts.

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Soles & Heels

We offer soles & heels.a wide variety of standard and specialist soles and heels designed to meet every footwear requirement.

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We are providing electrotherapy. A highly effective treatment for pain and is used and recommended by sports coaches & physiotherapists.

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